4 Week Challenge

Special offer: 4-week challenge 

Summer just around the corner, it’s time to do a final ‘push’ on shaping up for the warmer weather. 

Combining the best of both of our signature treatments, for a limited time, we are offering 8 sessions across 4 weeks:

4 Weeks I  2 sessions a week  I 8 x 60 mins session

Each session consist of 30 minute BodyRoll & 30 minute Wellness Pod
  • Break down fat cells, reduce cellulite 
  • Stimulate your body inside and out
  • Help inflammation and muscle tightness
  • Improve sleep 
  • Reduce stress & gain control of your mind and body 
  • Firm, tone and improve skin texture

Package cost: $600 ($160 saving)

Cos’ we know that Summer bodies are made in the Spring 😉
* Must attend 2 session a week & complete the challenge in 4 weeks
* Available for all clients