Wellness Pod

Our Wellness Pods feature full spectrum infrared therapy (near, mid and far) along with red light LED therapy. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage treatment is detoxing,relaxing and it feels like you are floating on a cloud of energized air.

  • Burn calories & reduce cellulite

  • Reduce inflammation & alleviate pain

  • Anti aging, detox & reduce stress


    Our incredible ActiveRoll is a foam roller on steroids, giving your entire body a lymphatic drainage massage while removing toxins, improving metabolism and releasing those screaming muscles.

    • Tone skin,  reduce cellulite & break down fat cells⁠

    • Reduce pain & improve muscle performance

    • Accelerate muscle recovery, strong massage

    Bodywrap Pod 

    Our amazing Wellness Pod Body Wrap treatment is a relaxing, firming and toning 60 minute treatment to reduce cellulite, aid weight loss and tighten skin. It also helps with deep relaxation, reducing inflammation, body pain and muscle soreness. This ultra relaxing treatment uses our 3 step patented system using products with purest ingredients.

    • Boost collagen & improve skin tone

    • Detox & burn calories 

    • Relax & De-stress

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    East Victoria Park


    We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and body goals

    • Calming sore muscles & reducing inflammation

    • Reducing cellulite & burning calories

    • Rejuvenating skin tone & elasticity

    • Detoxing & de-stressing 

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