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Real clients, Real results

  • Greater weight loss 

    Hyperthermic conditioning helps optimise your body with 180% greater weight loss and 460% greater body fat loss*

  • Burn calories & Reduce cellulite 

    Increase in core body temperature is associated with weight loss, detox and reduced appearance of cellulite. 

  • Detox 

    Full body lymphatic drainage massage, encouraging the movement of lymph fluids around the body to help remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. 

  • Muscle tension release

    Myofascial release on muscular shortness and tightness. Infrared light treatment to penetrate deep layers of the skin.   

  • Increased flexibility

    Heat increases flexibility by 205% - The warmer the muscles, connectives tissues and tendons the greater performance flexibility*

  • Reduced stress levels

    95% of users experience enhanced mental relaxation, reduced stress levels and overall zen like feeling.

  • Skin tightening & toning

    Get that glowy look & smooth skin. The lymphatic massage helps with circulation and muscle tone. 

*Correll ML, Williams PJ, Wild JJ., Reduction of blood pressure, bodyweight and % body fat after far infrared sauna

**Auburn University Montgomery Kinesiology Laboratory, study by Michele Olson, PhD, on Infrared heat and stretching

What Our Customers Say

Christine Vyse

I really enjoyed my sessions in the pod. So relaxing and I feel great for days afterwards. 

Christopher Murphy

Really nice experience and felt so blissed out after. Great way to give love to your mind and body. Very relaxing!

Brooke Te Kani

Love, Love, Love! My first session today and it was pure bliss. So relaxed I fell asleep. I can’t wait for next week

What is a Wellness Pod?

What is a ActiveRoll?

How do these treatments work?

We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and body goals

  • Calming sore muscles & reducing inflammation

  • Reducing cellulite & burning calories

  • Rejuvenating skin tone & elasticity

  • Detoxing & de-stressing 


Two convenient locations in East Victoria Park and Nedlands with plenty of free parking.


East Vic Park

1/207 Bank Street

(adjacent to Bollywood Dance Studio) 



125A Broadway

(grey stairs adjacent to La Patissier Cafe) 


Open 7 days a week, with prior appointments only. All bookings are online only.