• Anti ageing red light therapy

    The lymphatic massage helps with circulation and muscle tone and our red light therapy helps to boost collagen, improve skin tone and support anti-ageing. 

  • Detox with dry heat

    The pod features five variable dry heat settings to help you detox at a cellular level and burn calories (up to 600 calories in a single standard session).

  • Strong immune system

    Detox at a cellular level with hyperthermic conditioning and boost your immunity and vitality. 

  • Full spectrum infrared

    Full spectrum infrared and dry heat hyperthermic conditioning helping reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. 

  • Well being & Cooling fan

    Relax and have some 'you' time with a full body massage to sooth, vibrate and relax your muscles and bones with cooling face fan. 

  • Crystals & hot stones

    The pod is lined with Tourmaline, Jade & Germanium that emit radiant wavelengths to help you heal. 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and body goals

  • Calming sore muscles & reducing inflammation

  • Reducing cellulite & burning calories

  • Rejuvenating skin tone & elasticity

  • Detoxing & de-stressing 

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What is a Wellness Pod?

How does it work?


How to prepare for the treatment

Our Wellness Pods feature full spectrum infrared therapy (near, mid and far) along with red light LED therapy. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage treatment is detoxing,relaxing and it feels like you are floating on a cloud of energized air.

Nothing is real until it is experienced 

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Two convenient locations in East Victoria Park and Nedlands with plenty of free parking.

East Vic Park

1/207 Bank Street

(adjacent to Bollywood Dance Studio) 


Open 7 days a week, with prior appointments only. Book online or call. 


125A Broadway

(adjacent to La Patissier Cafe) 


Open 7 days a week, with prior appointments only. Book online or call.