BodyRoll Benefits Program

A powerful treatment designed to give your entire body a lymphatic drainage massage while removing toxins, improving metabolism and releasing those screaming muscles.

Our BodyRoll machine will help you:

Tone skin & reduce cellulite

Break down fat cells⁠

Improve muscle performance

Reduce pain

Accelerate muscle recovery

Soothe & relax tired muscles

How does it work?

Easy…. The machine is set up to run through 15 different positions, following lymphatic massage principles (or you can focus on targeting your problem areas). Just move into position, and let it work its’ magic

” Foam Roller on steroids “

This program has been specifically designed for you to test the BodyRoll and reap the benefits of 3 x 30 minute sessions for $99.

Discover exactly how tons of our clients are feeling better, recovering quicker and enjoying the benefits.

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