How to become more mindful

How to become more mindful in your everyday life

How to become more mindful in your everyday life

Hey babe, did you know you could transform your mental health with mindfulness? 

At Active Wellness Spa, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness, that’s why we are giving you the low down on how to create a calm lifestyle. 

You probably know that meditation has been around for centuries, a practice of living in the present or ‘being in the moment.’
Many sufferers of anxiety, stress or depression find that they experience distressing thoughts, especially regarding past events or what may happen in the future. In fact, stress can cause physical symptoms in 74% of people. Mindfulness practice involves engaging with the present, making a deliberate effort to concentrate on the “here and now”.

So, what are the benefits?

We’ve checked out a few studies – and it’s pretty clear that mindfulness as an everyday practice can provide a range of benefits such as:

  • Powerful, healing tool by sufferers of compulsions, obsessions, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse.
  • Mindfulness can leave people calmer and more relaxed, making it easier to distract themselves from negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Decreased blood pressure through to improving sleep.
  • Lessening the severity of IBS and related conditions.
  • and reducing the discomfort felt by chronic pain sufferers. 


For some people, the results of mindfulness can be nothing short of miraculous.

Wanna get started on a mindfulness journey?

There are plenty of psychologists, therapists and online courses that offer grounding in mindfulness. 

But here are a few things you can try for free: 

  • A personal and free favourite is the Calm app (or Headspace). 
  • Stroking your hands slowly – close your eyes and visualise holding something that brings you comfort (it might be a warm tea, your hands over the fireplace, patting your cat etc); Stroke your hands slowly together and visualise this, while breathing deeply in and out. 
  • Simple breathing exercises – breathing in for 4-6 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and breathing out with a ‘whoosh’ sound, for 6-8 seconds…. Emphasising the ‘whoosh’ and pushing the air out of your lungs is hugely calming. 
  • Check out Tony Robbins free 10 minute gratitude meditation (I literally cried the first time I did it!). Or, this energizing morning meditation with Chelsea Pottenger
  • Why not practice mindfulness whilst stretching or taking part in an exercise such as yoga, as virtually any form of exercise can act as a stress reliever.

No matter the time of day – just give 5 – 10 minutes to yourself, to calm and relieve your mind. It’s the ultimate stress buster and will leave you with a bigger, more grateful heart and happier head.