Top Five Detox tips!

Feeling lethargic, stressed and miserable? A detox could be just the thing to replenish your zing! Give your bod the things it needs to rejuvenate and heal with our top suggestions for a successful detox. If you’re a 21st-century lifestyle victim, these tips will leave you refreshed, revitalised and feeling groovy.

– Hit the Pod! Made for detox, our Wellness Pod zaps toxins and powers up your immune system for fast, noticeable results. From dropping the pounds through to removing skin impurities, sloughing off dead skin cells (yeuch), promoting restful sleep and even extending your lifespan, the Pod can do it all. Book the irresistible fusion of therapeutic heat and high-grade skin preparations which is the Wellness Pod.
– Drink more water. Craving smooth, unblemished skin, a reduced appetite and more energy? Water is the way to go. Hydration rocks! Try it and amaze yourself.
– Dare to dream. Sleep lets your body heal, gives your brain a chance to relax and can even aid weight loss. What’s not to like. Love your bed like you do yourself and watch the detox transformation take place.
– Bag a Bodyroll! Your lymph system is the body’s bin man! If it’s not working right, detritus begins to accumulate, which is never a good look. The Bodyroll is designed to get your lymph on the move, speeding up the removal of waste that you can well do without. It also leaves skin peachy and fresh.
– Mind care matters! Mind and body are linked – you don’t feel good, you don’t look good. Stress-busting and taking a break are both essential parts of any successful detox. Relax! It’s good for you.

Book your Bodyroll and Wellness Pod sessions now, to start seeing those all-important detox benefits.