Wellness Pods – detox in 45 minutes!

Who wants waste hanging about, least of all when it’s inside? This is where a detox comes in, providing the stimulus needed to get shut of the body baggage that’s making you feel sluggish, tired and down.

Detoxing can transform how you look and feel. Do you like the idea of:

– Clearer skin?
– Weight loss?
– Reduced appetite?
– Greater alertness and focus?
– More energy?
– Reduced chronic inflammation?
– An improved immune system?
– Better mood?

These are just some of the advantages a high-grade detox can bring. If you want to experience this awesome bunch of benefits, what better place to start than with our very own detox solution: the Wellness Pod?

Maintain your mojo, zero in on your zen and scale up your skincare with a 45-minute detox treatment that delivers!

Our clients have a pash for the Pod because it gets results. From the minute those premium creams and lotions hit your skin, the Pod is working to cleanse, detox and rejuvenate you, inside and out.

Best of all, whilst the Pod is doing its thing, boosting your metabolism, detoxing your system, improving your skin and having a seriously positive impact on your physical health (with therapeutic heat proven to reduce body fat by up to 460%, decrease inflammation and even increase lifespan by up to 30%), it’s also providing some high-grade chill out time!

Float away to your own inner island and leave the stress behind!

If you feel it’s time to get beach ready, holiday ready or just plain life ready, the Wellness Pod is just a call away. Why not increase fitness endurance and reduce your risk of diabetes at the same time! The ultimate detox tool, everyone deserves some Pod pamper time.

Call our team to book your ultimate detox Pod experience now – you deserve it.