What does gut health have to do with brain health – five things to help you

Down in the dumps? Constantly stressed? Anxious butterflies all the time? Blame your belly! Research shows there’s a clear link between gut (belly) health and brain health.

A healthy gut contains millions of bacteria – these tough little creatures don’t just hang out having fun, they also work hard to keep your gut healthy. The Vagus nerve links the gut directly with the brain – so if your tum is in distress, those miserable vibes travel straight up to the grey matter.

It’s no secret that smaller-than-average numbers of bacteria, and a lack of bacterial diversity, increases the chances of a miserable belly. To keep your bacteria smiling and mellow, we suggest the following:

– A session in the Pod: proven to help reduce weight, boost mental well-being and zap stress, Pod time can make your tummy a more bacteria friendly place to be, as well as enable you to centre your zen! Reduced inflammation and an improved immune system are some added bonuses
– Eat right. You know the drill! More of the good stuff (fruits, veggies, lean protein and low GI carbs) and less of the bad stuff (fried, processed or sugary junk) is going to get those little gut guys thriving.
– Chow down on the fermented goodies. Kefir, live yoghurt, kimchi and kombucha don’t just taste amazing, they’re also packed full of the bacteria your tummy loves.
– Move more. Exercise packs a double whammy, releasing those feel-good endorphins as well as giving your entire digestive system a kick.
– Embrace the (water) bottle! Gut bacteria can’t handle the booze! Treat them to plenty of water, green tea or kombucha.

Get in touch to book your Pod time now, and give your little gut bacteria buddies a helping hand.